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Over 30 years
in the business 

Our History

T.E.A. (Thibault Entertainment Agency) was established in Minneapolis, MN in 1985 by Jack Thibault.  Jack Jordan joined in 1992 as the head Talent Buyer.  

Now, over three decades later, we are the largest buyer of national entertainment in the Upper Midwest.

T.E.A. Productions assists with bringing entertainment to events big and small including: 

  • State Fairs

  • Annual Community Festivals (Lumberjack Days, Moondance Jam, Riverfest, etc)  

  • Community Center Events

  • Private Events including collegiate and corporate parties.


T.E.A. Productions is a buyer and producer of national and regional music, all genres, as well as speakers, comedians and specialty performers.




Jack Jordan


I started working on a local festival board in 1990 and was introduced to Jack Thibault, founder of T.E.A. Productions. Jack invited me to join him at T.E.A. Productions and it was the best decision of my life. I worked along-side Jack Thibault for the past 30 + years and have been honored to learn from the best in the business. In 2021, I took over the business with the blessings of Jack's family. 

I live in southwest Wisconsin and love the University of Wisconsin-Badgers sports programs, as well as the Packers. Don’t hold that against me. I will not let this stand in the way of producing the best show for your event, no matter where your event is located.

I enjoy meeting new people, traveling to new areas, and making new contacts in order to help you achieve your entertainment goals. My passion is creating an outstanding event for each client. I will go the extra mile to help your event be a success.


Shon Jordan

Talent Buyer

With 25+ years working with fairs, festivals and private events, as well as being on a festival board, Shon knows the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. His experience and expertise will help guide your event smoothly through all channels from the entertainment search, purchasing, scheduling and the day(s) of all your events to make sure all avenues are taken care of without a hitch.


Jack Thibault

Founder of T.E.A. Productions


In Memorium


Jack Thibault, founder of T.E.A. Productions, opened Thibault Entertainment Agency in Minneapolis, MN in 1985.  After acting as a Talent Booker and then the Manager for the singer/songwriter Gene Pitney, Jack wanted to grow his business to include full-service event production support. And so, in 1991, T.E.A. Productions was born. 


Jack served as the president of T.E.A. Productions for over 30 years. He passed in April 2021, leaving a legacy of quality events and a community of music-lovers behind him.

Q: Is it really time for T.E.A.?
A: Yes, but not at 4 PM as the British folks do.  The T.E.A. in T.E.A. Productions stands for Thibault Entertainment Agency. We are the largest buyer of National Entertainment in the
Upper Midwest.

Q: In which type of entertainment business is T.E.A. involved?
A: T.E.A. Productions is a buyer and producer of nationally known entertainment in all styles of music, plus nationally known comedians and speakers. We also buy regional specialty acts and local acts for our festivals or special events to add additional flavor.


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